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FRESH PHD HOLDER? HAVE YOUR WORK TURNED INTO A BOOK WITH DE GRUYTER OPEN & WIN KINDLE PAPERWHITE! 2016 Emerging Scholar Monograph Competition: De Gruyter Open offers an opportunity for early-career scholars to publish books based on their dissertation research. ABOUT THE COMPETITION: The 2016 Emerging Scholar Monograph Competition is a contest for young talent […]

Rediscovery of Early Twentieth-Century Ecotheology

The vast majority of us subscribe to the idea that human activity dramatically changes the natural environment, altering many biological processes. But addressing the global nature of human impact may require help from belief systems large enough to conceptualize on a cosmic scale. Although Christianity has seldom been recognized as an ally to the ecological […]

Murrinhpatha: A Language Where Space Has No Directions

The way that different languages convey information has long fascinated linguists, anthropologists and sociologists alike.  Murrinhpatha, the lingua franca spoken by the majority of Aboriginal people in the Moyle and Fitzmaurice rivers region of Australia’s Northern Territory has many interesting features, with the absence of verbal abstract directions a prominent one among them. But if […]