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Climate Change in Poland – too much too soon

Today’s global warming proves much faster than even 20 years ago. A global rise in average temperatures has been well documented since at least the late 1800s. But while the subject of global warming is all too often contested, or worse still, obscured in statistics, it is not the very occurrence of climate change that […]

Sparrow temperature study

Study of songbird migrants demonstrates the importance of temperature in the decision to begin migration Around the world, no matter where we are, we can usually expect the weather to change from one season to the next. In North America, the warm days of summer eventually turn into the cooler days of  autumn, and these […]

Can the comorbidity of depression be the devils work?

As occult practices are on the rise, contemporary theologians become increasingly interested in psychology, with many Christian authors wrestling with the question of how demons can influence mental disorders. It is only fair to say, people with psychological problems should receive psychological treatment: and indeed the majority of therapists will point blank refuse to link […]

A New Method to Help Solve the Problem of Nuclear Waste

In the last decades, nanomaterials have gained broad scientific and technological interest due to their unusual properties compared to micrometre-sized materials. At this scale, matter shows properties governed by size. At the present time, nanomaterials are studied to be employed in many different fields, including the nuclear one. Thus, nuclear fuels production, structural materials, separation […]

A hardware-based modeling approach for real world collaborative multi-robot tasks

Technological revolution means robots no longer are the song of the future. The Governor of the Bank of England predicts today that up to half of British workforce face redundancy in the imminent ‘second machine age’.  No wonder, the research of multi-robot systems generates serious buzz both for promising (albeit at times scary) results and […]